Eat like a bird, and poop like an elephant --Japanese philosopher

The Blog's Reboot

For some background on this blog, it originally started in August 2012. My thoughts or goals for the blog were to provide “getting started” type assistance. Unfortunately, I focused too much on providing simple, step-by-step instructions that anybody could use. Misquoting Joe Miller in Philadelphia: explaining it like you are a four-year-old. However, you are not a four-year-old. You are older and technologically proficienct. The blog posts had minimal value to you and took too long to write for me.

A reboot was needed.

Now my thoughts and goals have shifted to share all sorts of learnings and experiences with the world. The focus will be on systems engineering and architecture for the web, cloud, etc. The content level will vary from beginner to advanced. I am a beginner at many things…Octopress and Ruby are two examples. I am advanced at a few things… system architecture and AWS CloudFormation come to mind.

In the end, this blog is intended to help you. For that to happen, please provide input and feedback via twitter, email, or comments to the post.

  • E-mail: blog at joehack3r
  • Twitter: joehack3r

Thank you.