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Command Cheat Sheet Introduction

Every developer, systems engineer, network admin, etc. has a some sort of document or “cheat sheet” with reference commands. Sometimes these are simple references while learning a new application. Other times you discover a command that was extremely valuable although it was infrequently used. If you have ever forgotten one of those commands (especially the valuable ones), you understand the necessity of writing it down for future reference. Some commands make the cheat sheet because they are used in an often overlooked way or used in a manner not previously considered. Sometimes you want a reference instead of reading the man page.

Here is a personal example for Windows administration:

sc \\<hostname> config <WindowsService> obj=<domain>\<username> password=<password>

This command let me connect to a remote system and update a Windows service to set its account name and password. As you can see, it’s a pretty straightforward and easy to use command. I would often go months before needing to update the account credentials and would forget the command or syntax that made it such an easy process. It was an easy decision to add it to my cheat sheet.

I shared the command with many other system administrators, particularly Unix admins who had to cross into the Windows world (NSClient++ anybody?) As I continued to share more cheat sheet commands, the amount of sharing everybody did increased. I want to continue that sharing with a larger community - you!

To help with that, there is a page called “Command Cheat Sheets” that I will update on a regular basis to include more and more cheat sheet commands. If you have a suggestion for a cheat sheet command, send it to me.